Tranquil house in Brittany maison en Bretagne

Tranquil pretty cottage and garden ideal for a mix of holiday relaxation, outdoor activities and exploring the region.

Watersports close to home

A huge variety of activities

The spectacular coastline here has drawn Water sports enthusiasts of every discipline for years, and it makes the area an ideal holiday destination for water sports ( sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, jetski, rowing, canoeing, swimming, diving ). Beginners and experts will find something to try. Here is an excellent directory of activities on offer.

Kite Surfing

Less athletic options

On a sunny day why not take a river cruise (with or without dinner) or hire a motor boat in Dinan to promenade along the river Rance.

Many of the coastal towns offer offer tours of the coast and sea fishing trips, these depend on the tide times so the simplest way to book them is at the quay.


Wind surfing

Making a gentle start

Locally the Centre Nautique in the village provides many ways to get onto or into the water, either as an independent activity or as part of a supervised lesson . Jugon's 4km long lake and the river Arguenon leading to the coast are attractive safe places to try something new, such as a canoe trek.



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